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Chaos theory dictates that one butterfly flapping its wings can eventually lead to a hurricane as the motion of air its wings generate combines with other air movements until evnetually it’s a great big unstopable force. That is what I hope to achieve here regarding people going green.

My aim it to suggest ways people can go green and become more environmentally focused by doing “small”, “easy” and “natural” things that will amount to a big change when a lot of people committ to this. I am about small practical changes because I know changing the way you live can be hard and people don’t generally change if something is hard. My blog posts are based on things I’ve achieved and practice and believe in. If I can do it in South Africa where going green is still in its infancy and quite tricky, then it’s doable for just about anyone. I’m not saying you need to do everything I do but see what fits into your lifestyle and you’ll soon start thinking of your own ideas as well. It’s very rewarding. Simple changes can go a long way in helping the planet sustain us and all the animals and plants we are the custodians of.

Take responsibility and take the small steps with me.

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