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Our (just about) free hot water

February 2, 2015

I am delighted to say that my household now runs our geyser on solar. We made the change last week and it’s the easiest home improvement project we’ve undertaken so far.

My husband phoned Solar Heat exchanges, they sent their consultant a few days later, who then arranged for seamless installation a few days after that. The job was done quickly and cleanly and the electricians even cleaned up after themselves. I was very happy with the level of service received.

As for the geyser: It’s only been a few days (some of which have been cloudy) and we’re very happy. The water is warm and there are no issues with pressure or anything of the like.

Our geyser is in the roof so there are only two panels as evidence that we have solar. I like that as I think the geysers on the outside of the roof are a bit of an eyesore. We’re fortunate in that our pitch was high enough to accommodate this “hidden” geyser without a pump. A good solar provider will provide you with the best advice in this regard.

We asked about retro-fitting our existing geysers and Solar Hear advised against this as it gives more opportunity for things to go wrong with the system. Another thing to avoid is installing a pump as this is another area where things go wrong. This is something we had heard from many installers.

I don’t know what exactly our electricity savings will be at this stage but I figure it’ll take no longer than three years for the system to start earning it’s keep and then providing us with free hot water for energy

So, first step geyser, next step is to hopefully switch over a few lights and the TV for the inevitable dreaded load-shedding hits again.


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