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Santa Shoebox project 2014

October 6, 2014

Being generous and kind makes people feel good. It’s heart warming to know you’ve made a difference in someone, or an animal’s, life. Unfortunately it’s sometimes difficult to know where to give, or even what to give. I personally don’t really like giving money because I don’t know how it gets spent. I prefer giving items which I know go to a specific good use.

So, I was very interested to learn about the Santa Shoebox project in South Africa ( This project collects shoeboxes filled with gifts, stationery and toiletries for underprivileged children throughout South Africa. It’s a project that has been running for a few years now and the positive impact they have on these children is clear. It’s a great project and I encourage everyone to join. They are aiming to reach 100 000 children this year so they need a lot of people to pledge.

You can register online, choose the child you want to pledge to and then pack you box and drop it off at a pre-allocated point at the end of Oct (they’ll send you all the details). It’s very easy. I’ve signed up to make shoeboxes for three children with year. I’ve also volunteered to help at the collection point.
However, if you don’t live near a collection point or are from overseas this year they have the option to donate virtual boxes in partnership with Checkers ( It’s even easier. The virtual donation is R350 which really isn’t a lot to make a child happy and feel valued and loved.

Please join me


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