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“Awareness bracelets”

May 9, 2014


“Awareness bracelets” is my generic term for the bracelets you can buy just about anywhere in South Africa these days in order to raise awareness and money for a cause. I think they’re a great tool as the money you spend on them goes to a good cause and, provided you wear them, they serve as a constant reminder of what needs attention in this world.

As per the picture I have three that I wear everyday. They have become part of who I am and I feel lost without them. The red, black and white one is in support of Anti-Rhino Poaching efforts. The pink, black and white one is for Helping Hands a Children’s charity and the pink bank resembles a bra strap because it’s for breast cancer awareness.

The pink band was my first which I got in a magazine a few years ago as part of a campaign they were running. At the time I decided to wear it for the duration of the campaign – which I did with pleasure. It came off a few times after that as I’m not big on jewellery, but then I found myself putting it on more and more and eventually it just stayed.

The Rhino bracelet followed about a year later. I feel very strongly about anti-Rhino Poaching efforts and despise the people who poach these stunning creatures and hate even more the people who somehow justify buying the products from the horns. So yup, bracelet goes everywhere with me and I have been asked several times what it represents and I eagerly tell people.

The Helping Hands bracelet graced my arm in December 2013. It was part of a batch of Awareness Bracelets I bought for friends and family as part of their Christmas presents. I felt that giving each of them a bracelet was a way for me to further contribute to the various causes and raise awareness with people who matter to me. Each person got one of the following bracelets: Helping Hands, Cheetah Conservation, Wild Dog Conservation, Anti-Rhino Poaching and Helping Hands. I can’t proudly say that they now all wear theirs’ but my mom has hers stuck on her fridge so that’s something.

I would like to encourage everyone to buy bracelets for causes they feel passionate about. Buy for yourself, buy for yourself.

Other than the bracelets I’ve bought I know there are ones for Flora conservation, Marine Conservation and a project to get bicycles to children living in underprivileged communities who have a long way to go to school. These are all great causes who could really benefit from you buying a bracelet for R40 – R 45. Even better is if you can try wear the bracelet to raise on-going awareness and encourage others to support causes. 

Bracelets can be bought from various outlets including Woolworths, Exclusive Books and Clicks.

Don’t forget that these bracelets also create employment for the communities who make them so that’s another reason to buy. Just do it.



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