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To live through times like these

May 5, 2014

As the election dawns I just want to say that I think it’s going to be a very interesting election. In many ways this is the most important election since 1994. Not because I predict a change in government but because people want a change non-the-less and are able to really weigh up their options this year. Support for the ruling party has been affected by a lack of delivery in 20 years of democracy and Nkandla and the squandering associated with it.

Also, as a more radical party EFF is appealing to a desperate youth because the education and job creation policies of the current government have let them down. So much for the “born frees” having all the opportunities one could ever want from a “new” South Africa. It’s quite sickening really.

For hard working, mostly comfortable, tax paying people like me the post election prospects might seem a bit bleak but I have to say I’m weirdly excited. This election is going to be interesting. What people really want will be known and who am I to fret about that. I have no doubt that the ANC will win and EFF will do better than expected but maybe the DA will get some ground and be able to prove that good governance can go a long way. Not that I think the DA is the ultimate solution but they’re my best bet at the moment.

But I will say this: If the DA does gain ground again they must use the opportunity to initiate real and radical solutions. No more open air toilets Helen. That press is bad for business even if you’d believe that no publicity is bad publicity. Take steps to make every South African see that you have the good of the whole nation at heart.

One of South Africa’s biggest problems is that so many people just aren’t politically and economically savvy. Most people can’t fathom how much money R 200 million Rand really is and how much the presidents house really cost us. It’s even a stretch for me and I’m informed and educated. It’s a butt load, I know that much. Most people don’t understand  that prolonged strikes hurt the economy and whatever extra they get is offset by the fact that they haven’t been paid for months and the fact that exchange rate goes down the toilet and everything gets more expensive. Plus, we can’t create jobs without money and growth and overseas investors are a lot more confident in countries without problems.

I know my views here are somewhat narrow but I can’t pretend to understand all these matters in depth. But it makes sense to me. So, if we can get a political party to truly explain these matters to everyone we may end up with a more productive and successful country. Is it too much to hope for? No, but it may not happen in my lifetime

In the meantime I will make my voice known with cross on Wednesday 7 May and see what else happens at he polls. Watch the news, it’s going to be good viewing




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