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Sochi Olympics of Shame

February 12, 2014

The Sochi Olympics has been controversial for many reasons. I am not watching it in protest. All the issues raised are important but the one that detests me is the mass culling of thousands of street dogs in Sochi. I can fully appreciate that the city does not want all these dogs around but it’s an issue which should have been addressed Loooooooong before international visitors graced your doorstep. Then the issue could have been dealt with humanely and in a structured manner. Hundreds of the dogs they have now culled would never even have been born if they simply had a good process in place. That would have been easier to stomach. But instead, they essentially left the matter to the last minute and so thousands of dogs were poisoned by a private company. Most of them suffered a painful death in the name of unity and progress and peace. Disgusting. This whole situation is exasperated by the fact that the Olympic Committee knew what was going on. They say they can not control the host nation but quite frankly, their terms and conditions say they can. They are also guilty of this despicable act. The Humane Society International has taken this travesty to heart and would like to prevent something like this even happening again. Visit to read more about this important issue and consider signing the petition. No animal should have to be terminated because they spoil our image.


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