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Is that a breeze I feel? Leading by example works

February 11, 2014

The neighbourhood glass recycling bin is right by my gym so it’s very convenient to drop off glass there right after a class or swim session. It’s become part of my routine and makes recycling convenient and easy to remember (provided I remember to put the bottles in the car).

After a few weekends of braais I had several bags of bottles to dispose of this morning. As I was putting the bottles in the bin a guy from the gym passed me and said “Good girl”. I just laughed. It’s nice to have my efforts noticed.

As I was closing my boot I noticed he was packing his car next to mine. He then indicated that he should start recycling as “if you (me) can do it them so can I (him)”. To which I said he should, it’s easy and just a matter of remembering. That really is the key to it’s success once you have the will to recycle.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see this guy again or if he’ll start recycling, but the point is I made him think about it. Seeing me do it made him consider the fact that he should also do it. Let’s hope he follows through. If he does hopefully others will see him and follow his example. It just takes a few people doing the right thing to get others do the same.

So, do what you can and together we’ll make a big difference 


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