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Beauty for the beasts and the blue sea

November 26, 2013

Make-up and beauty products are a fact of life for most women and a lot of men. Generally as puberty starts setting in we start wanting to hide acne and other blemishes and eventually we’re hiding wrinkles and sun damage or buying products to prevent all of these things. It becomes part of your daily routine. But, how often do you consider what your beauty habits are doing to the planet?

I considered this yesterday for the first time in a long time and thought it was an important issue to address. I think there are two main issues to address regarding this:

1) Product Testing and 2) Impact on the environment

1. Product Testing

When I say product testing most people immediately think about animals being subject to horrible tests in labratory conditions. These tests to happen and the animals andoubtably suffer. They don’t live any kind of normal life (because being in a lab is not where bunnies belong) and then essentially get tortured on top of that. It’s harsh and we need to face it. I know there are a lot of people who would argue that the lab animals get treated really well but even if this were true in some context you’re still putting them in cages and you’re still putting stuff on them or in them. Yuck.

Here is a link to the Humane Society International’s view ont he topic

I could post several hundred links but I trust the Humane Society to not be alarmest and well informed so I trust their opinions.

So, steer away from products which are not tested on animals please. It’s that simple. There are more and more brands which proudly state their stand on this so be sure to support them. has made a list available of companies which DO NOT test on animals This may not contain all local brands in your country so be sure to look at the back of the pack when shopping to see if they can proudly state they are cruelty free.

2. Impact on the environment

Whether a product is tested on animals or not realise that what you are putting on your body or face is not necessarily equipped to go into the eco-system. Now, I can hardly expect women to stop using make-up and everyone to stop bathing or showering so please just consider the following:

* go for biodegradeable beauty products. From wipes, to containers to nailpolish biodegradable versions exist Just look at what you’re buying and try something new if it’s going to be better for the planet.

*recycle your containers. If you really can’t find biodegradable products then at least recycle the containers. Most containers can be recycled these days. Put them in the correct bin instead of the trash.

*don’t waste. The less chemicals you are putting down the drain the better. Did you know you only need a little bit of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc to get the desired effect? Find out how much of each product you really need to use and stick to it. This will be kinder on the planet and your wallet.

* try fragrance free. I know we like smelling nice but is it really necessay. People should like you for who you are. Just be clean. No fragrance is one less chemical the environment needs to cope with.

*go without make-up sometimes. Give your skina break and let your natural glow win the day.

So, that’s if for my every person’s practical guide. I am sure there are a lot of things I have not thought about so please comment to add to the list. I know this can be an emotional topic. You don’t need to convince me, don’t put gore on my blog please.


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