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Eco friendly lunch habits

November 19, 2013

Despite my best intentions and some action I end up buying lunch every two to three days. I know I could do better but since I’m stuck with this habit at present I thought I would highlight a few things I do which make my vice a bit easier on the environment.

* I have my own stainless steel cutlery at work. I have my own fork and knife which I keep in my desk drawer. They don’t take up  much more space than a pen and pencil so it’s no bother and it prevents me from disposing up to a hundred plastic knifes and forks into landfil. Yes, I need to wash them when I’m done but a short trip to the kitchen probably does me a favour. I have to step away from my desk at some point during the day.

* I have my own plate at work. There are three reasons for this. It’s my plate so only I use it and I keep it clean so it’s not missing when I need to use it. It also allows me to enjoy my meal properly without having to scrape things out of an awkward plastic container. And it beats usign a disposable plate which will go into landfil. Yes, I wash this after every meal as well.

* I re-use the containers I buy lunch in. We have a Woolies in the building so most of my lunches come in high quality containers. I am a sucker for containers and don’t throw them away if they can be re-used. Most of them can and so my gardner get his lunch (which is a meal I cook/prepare at home) in one of these re-used containers instead of me having to use tinfoil or plastic wrap to cover his food int he mornings. I also store a lot of stuff in them. Since they’re generally transparent they make for great fridge containers since you can actaully see what’s inside. No chance of forgetting something in the fridge and having to turn your nose up at your cultured produce a few days (or even weeks) later.

Another reason I like taking the containers home is the fact that I make sure they get recycled when I no longer want them. Something I am not convinced my office building refuge removers do. It’s another small win for the planet.

* I have a glass bottle for water. I am very proud to say that I have had the same glass bottle for almost 5 years. I got it at a book launch and it originally contained “Happywater” which is proudly branded on the bottle. My re-usable bottle beats any paper or plastic cups from going into landfil and the logo reminds me to be happy. “Happywater” is a concept where water has been transformed back into it’s ideal moelcular structure and is therefore very good for you. I don’t really care about that but saving the environment certainly makes me happy.

* I have my own ceramic mugs. So, washing cutlery and a plate is easy for me. Washing mugs not so much and so I have two. One for my morning coffee and one for my  afternoon tea. I don’t wash them as often as I should. That is all. At least no disposable cups do into landfil.

* I intend taking my own cloth, re-usable napkin to work. I say intend because it is easier said than done and I’ll probably need a few for wash-use rotation but the thought is there. I would much rather use a cloth napkin than throw away disposal napkins on a daily basis. I can just add them to the laundry every day it doesn’t take up more water or effort to look after really. I just have to remember to take them home and take a new one to work. Therein lies the catch. Remembering is not always my strongpoint. Hence I don’t take lunch to work everyday.


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