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When it’s cold outside

October 22, 2013

Last night’s rain and accompanying cold snap reminded me that I promised a long time ago to give feedback on my roof insulation. It’s a weird thing to talk about on the cusp of summer but seeing as it snowed on the Maluti Mountains last night I reckon there is no time like the present.

We decided use roof insulation because the roof is the main culprit for allowing heat to escape your home. We have a high roof and high ceilings so a lot of natural and expensive generated heat was literally being wasted through the rafters. This waste was costing us money (because running heaters and boiing kettles is expensive) and wasting electricity which is bad for the environment. I’m grew up in a freezing hostel in the Free State so am not inclined to freeze in my adult life in my own home so something had to be done.

Husband and I opted for Eco-Insulation for varios reasons:

* it’s made from recycled paper

* it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals

* it discourages  rodent and other pest habitation

* they insulated my hot water pipes and geyser

*it’s easy to install

*came in at a reasonable price

Money is relative when it comes to saving the planet and recouping your saved electricity usage over the long term but it does influence whether or not you can really afford to go green. Well, I’m happy to say that my insulation has just about paid for itself after two years.

The product really does work as we have hardly put on the heater over the past two winters which means that we have saved a lot of money. We simply aren’t cold. Last night is also a case in point as it was freezing outside and I was non-the-wiser. Husband reported on said cold as he was the unlucky one who had to take the dogs out in the rain.

I would recommend roof insulation to anyone. Be sure to shop around though and find the product that’s right for you. Preferably also right for the environment.


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