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So much value for just about nothing

October 21, 2013

The rainy season has started in South Africa – something which most people have been eagerly anticipating because the earth finally feels refreshed and clean and every plant has enthusiastically responded by sprouting green leaves. I love it because this means JHB the “man made forrest” is back in action and looking beautiful.

When everything is so beautiful and the earth is moist it’s difficult to believe we live in a water sensitive region. We don’t now how much it will rain and when it will rain several consecutive years or that if a drought is upon us. I experienced severe drought in the Free State while growing up and it’s a heart-wrentching thing to see farmers lose their livelihoods and their animals as weeks of no rain turn into months. So water means a lot to me and I try to conserve it in every way possible. Water is life afterall.

Therefore, it should come as no suprise that I have invested in a JoJo tank – one of the more well known rain water harvesting tank brands in South Africa. It was on promotion at my local Builders Warehouse so, since I had wanted one for a long time, it was the perfect time to buy one. The fact that it was just in time for the rainy season is an added bonous.

Now, when you think of JoJo tanks you may think of these huge green tanks which you can see for miles across a landscape and wonder what my garden looks like as a result. Well, JoJo tanks have become a lot more domestic-use freindly over the past few years and I now have a 750 litre slimline tank which is a speckled grey-brown colour and blends in quite nicely with my back wall. There are other tanks of the market so shop around and find one that best suits your needs .

This tank will not save the planet but it will help my garden grow and pool stay full by means of free water which is collected from my gutter run off when it rains. Water which would otherwise have leached my soil as it ran down my garden into the stormwater drain system and eventually lost at sea. My 750 litres will also allow me to use less water from the city system which means reservoirs will be just that drop fuller when it counts during the dry spells. If a lot of people adopt the same practice then imagine how much extra water there would be in times of need for people who simply can’t afford tanks or live in informal settlements.

You may think I’m being a bit over the top but I also know of people’s yard being broken into so that water could be stolen from their pools during times of extreme drought. This link refers to an instance in PE and I heard of cases in Knysna as well. That’s just survival and if I can help to eleviate that kind of burden and encourage others to do the same I do believe it could make a big difference.

So, my little JoJo tank is going to save me money, my plants and save the world – eventually. Buying one for yourself should be very high on your to-do list.


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