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International Animal Week 4 – 10 Oct

October 3, 2013

My weekly NSPCA newsletter alerted me to the fact that International Animal week starts tomorrow (4 Oct). The aim of International Animal Week is to raise awareness and celebrate the role animals play in our lives.

Animals are important to humans in so many different ways and all I want you to think about is this: If you are going to deal with or come in contact with animals and and animal products do so with care, with humanity and stand up against cruelty. Making a few conscious decisions in this regard could go a long way:

* See if you have space in your home and heart to adopt an animal from your local SPCA or animal shelter. Adopting a shelter pet is incredibly rewarding and make you the world of that animal. Some people say they won’t do to shelters because they want purebred animals. Well, I follow Kitty and Puppy Haven on Facebook and you would we astounded at how many beautiful and often pedigree dogs and cats are being looked after there. Go to shelters in your area the next time you think about getting a pet.

* Only buy free range animal products and insist your retailer stocks free range. Support meat free Mondays.

* Do not support circuses which have animal acts. Some people think that by going to these circuses they are helping feed for and care for this animal but all you are really doing is giving the circus incentive to keep these animals in the wrong and often abysmal and depressing conditions. If you don’t support these circuses they get the message that animals are not for our entertainment

* Respect your environment and those who share it with you. Pick up litter as this could otherwise hurt or be eaten by an animal. Put wild bird seed and fruit out in your garden for the birds in your area. Teach others to respect animals and treat them well.

* If you see an animal in distress of being treated cruelly report it to your local SPCA or animal welfare. We need to speak out about these matters. Loudly and continuously.

Must love animals


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  1. Remember that in most cases when people cant adopt, they can always contribute in service or donation. Local SPCA offices are always in need of supply of animal feed, blankets or cash. They also often require furniture, building materials etc. The SPCA’s philosophy is to support your local branch, so find your nearest and contact them. Kennels can also be sponsored nationwide.

    • HI. You’re right. I compeltely forgot to mention that – so thanks. The SPCA have even started a campaign now to encourage people to put the SPCA (National or local office) in their will. This is a good idea and can obviously apply to any shelter or any environmental organisation.
      You can also donate indirectly by getting a My Planet Card from Woolworths and nominating a charity close to your heart. I support the SA Guide Dogs Assosiation because I like the idea of supporting an orgainsation which benifits animals and people. But I do know that the SPCA is one of their organisations, as well as anti-Rhino poaching organisations and many many more. Search for benificiaries at So, if you’re in SA and haven’t signed up for your My Planet Card do so ASAP It doesn’t cost you anything and raises a lot of money for needy organisations.

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