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Cleaning with a conscious

October 1, 2013

Being clean and healthy is obviously a necessity of daily life, but have you ever considered what all those soaps, detergents and chemicals are doing to the environment? The products we use daily to clean can actually pollute and poison the environment.

For a spot view on this problem go to

Fortunately, a lot of cleaning product companies have decided to look into the issue and have been producing more environmentally friendly products. Products which are less harsh and often bio-degradable. Products which will not poison the earth for years to come once used.

My personal favourite is the Clicks My Earth range. This domestic and personal range of cleaning products are made from bio-degradable substances without the use of any petrochemicals. So, it is easy on the environment and your hands which is a definite plus. The best news though is that you don’t have to opt for a less effective product just because you’re going green.

I use some of the products at home and they certainly get the job done. I’m particularly fond of the hand wash simply because it’s something I use several times a day and now I know my constant hand washing has less impact on the planet. I have also made the My Earth baby wipes a staple gift for any baby showers I attend. I want mothers to realise from the beginning that you can make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to looking after your little ones. Also, the product should be safer on baby’s skin so there is added benefit there.

The products are a bit more pricy than regular (as in ones that are harsh) competitor brands you may know and love but what is a couple of bucks when it come to the future of the planet? Try a few of the My Earth products and see how good it makes you feel, in terms of cleanliness and conscious.

Other retailers also have green cleaning options available so you don’t have to go to Clicks but their range is certainly my favourite.

Happy cleaning.


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