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I’m back

September 30, 2013

So, I kinda forgot I had a blog. Yeah, that happens. But I have remembered now and am committed to keeping it going. I’m going to use the power of social media to make the world a better place. One small bit/effort at a time. My blog name is no coincidence, it’s based on chaos theory. The belief that one small butterfly can start a hurricane as the moving air generated from it’s flapping wings accummulate and blend with other breezes, winds, flapping wing movement into a hurricane. So, that’s my mission. Do small things that will accummulate to make a big difference and inspire others to do the same. You can read all about it on this blog. I promise to be practical and do things most people can achieve. Easier said than done but easy non-the-less.

Take note, futher and practical inspiration starts tomorrow.

It also starts today since I have the twitter. Follow me on @BelisMeZA.  


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