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Heating your home

April 18, 2012

My house is a 1950’s classic. Well built, big rooms, high roof, very nice to have but also cold to live in. My husband and I are very frugal when it comes to electricity use so here are some other things we do instead of turning on the heater:

* Dress warmly – warm generally means comfortable as well so it’s great for a cosy night in

* Use a blanket when watching TV or studying

* Put a hot water bottle in bed

* Draw the curtains as the sun goes down to retain any natural heat from the sun

* Close the doors of rooms we don’t use in the house – keep heat centralised to areas you do use

* Spend a lot of time in the sunroom (or other sunny spots) – no need for additional heat during the day in a room that basks in bright sunlight all day long

* Get your roof insulated – keeps heat in and even helps with noise reduction. Admittedly we’ve only just made the decision to do this so I will update you once it’s done in the next three weeks or so.

It really simple and saves a lot of electricty – saving energy and your wallet


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