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Trash and treasure

April 10, 2012

My mom and I had a secondhand stall at the annual Clarens Easter Flea Market this past weekend. Secondhand goods are not conventional at flea markets. However, we were driven to have the stand because we both had overfull wardrobes with near new, not worn, clothing taking up space.

Admittedly I was a bit sceptical about what our results may be because I did not know how people would react to buying someone elses stuff. As it turned out though my concerns were for nought as out stand proved to be very popular. We were selling most items for R 20 a piece which was a big draw card and most people who walked in walked out with something. I was astounded in what people were interested in but that’s fashion taste for you.

At the end of the day we had made a reasonable amount of money and gotten rid of a lot of stuff. We were happy and so were the people who had gotten a bargain from us.

I shouldn’t be surpised seeing as Capitec’s Swopping Mall held last year was so popular. I went twice during the course of that weekend and it was always busy. People were encouraged to learn there that you can get rid of unwanted stuff for stuff you do want. I love the idea and am considering getting my work to host something similair soon.

So what I am trying to drive home is the fact that things you do not want are not necessarily junk and should therefore not end up on the scrap heap. And while I’m sure a lot of people donate things (which is also great) this economic climate is creating a need to turn every Cent over twice. This is a way to do it.

When you next open your cupboards think about having a swopping party or selling your unwanted items. This way of reusing eleviates the demand for new stuff which means less consumption and waste in production, smaller carbon footprints to get items to consumers and less things landing up on landfills. What more coul you ask for really – no, I’m not going to learn how to knit.


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  1. dawne permalink

    Hey Cuz! you have just given me an amazing idea. Winter comming up i think we need to do a winter swopping party! You are just awesome. Thank you!!

  2. kieta permalink

    It was an awesome day on the square, we got outside in the sun, chatted to old friends who we haven’t seen for ages – and even made some money!

    Belinda’s enthusiasm and salesmanship helped a lot, of course.

  3. Update: The powers that be at my company are intrigued by the Swapping Mall idea so we’re going to start planning that here soon. Hooray!

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